South Florida company creates unique insoles for athletes

AVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) - - Professional athletes usually attribute their performance to training and diet, but an Aventura-based company said their product is the reason for their longevity: insoles.

Many players use orthodics, which allows athletes to function at high levels on a daily basis.

“They don’t have their feet, they don’t have their legs, they’re not running up and down the floor,” said Advanced Footcare managing director Jarret Reinhartz. “In some sports, that’s their tools.”

Reinhartz added that former Miami Heat players Dwyane Wade and LeBron James rely heavily on the comfort of their shoes. “I’ve seen videos — they give away their shoes, and, ‘Oh, wait, wait, stop! This is my lifeblood. I can get a new pair of shoes but my orthodics,” he said.

Orthodics work to restore proper foot function while reducing stress.

“It’s the idea of being able to provide the individual or patient the best service or product,” said Reinhartz.

However, these insoles are not sold in stores.

In order to get the best insole for the athlete, Reinhartz said they take an image, import it into their lab and work on designing unique foot orthodics.

“We’re getting to see things we couldn’t normally catch without the motion sensors,” said Dr. Deeva R. Frankel about their imaging system.

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