South Florida artist lends his creative spin for Super Bowl LIV

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida artist came up with something super creative for the Super Bowl.

He designed a football helmet that is a work of art, and this is not his first masterpiece.

The Super Bowl is just over two weeks away, and it is yet to be determined who will be playing at Hard Rock Stadium.

But we do know who some of the behind the scene stars are.

Good luck finding a play-maker as creative as Surge — a South Florida artist who combined his love of football and paint.

The host committee thinks so much of him that he got to help break the news that Miami was hosting Super Bowl 54.

He created a mural in Wynwood to make the announcement.

“And then I came on top and did the elements of the SBLIV and the flamingos and Miami and the palm trees,” said Surge.

Surge can paint just about anything.

“I’ll do sneakers,” said Surge. “I’ve done some cleats.”

But one of his favorites to work on are football helmets. 7News brought a blank one to his studio Thursday to see how he transforms it.

“I’ve done this so much,” said Surge. “I literally feel like I could be an equipment manager.”

After he strips down the helmet, he sands off the acrylic, then customizes it.

His designs have a very Wynwood feel to it — naturally, since he helped launch it.

“Is it unique to Miami? No,” said Surge. “What’s unique to Miami is that the community has embraced the art.”

With his wife’s blessing, Surge now supports his family with his artwork.

“I felt that I was in a place where I could try it, and she said, ‘Yeah, you’re responsible for the mortgage. Make it happen!'” said Surge.

Now, he’s the most coveted type of artist: a working one.

Helping host a Super Bowl is keeping him extra busy.

“I have an event Wednesday, Thursday, Friday — two on Friday,” said Surge. “Oh, the mortgage is covered through the summer. Ha, ha.”

You can check out Surge in his studio right off of Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, and bring a helmet. You might leave with a souvenir.

Don’t forget — there’s just one station to watch Super Bowl 54, and that’s right here on 7! We’ll have complete coverage all day long on super Sunday, Feb. 2.

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