Miami Dolphins visit, give aid to communities in Freeport, Bahamas

FREEPORT, Bahamas (WSVN) – Some Miami Dolphins legends participated in Hurricane Dorian relief efforts as they delivered aid door-to-door in a community in Freeport, Bahamas.

The team’s staff and alumni traveled with the National Emergency Management Agency and the Mission Resolve Foundation, Saturday.

Former players such as Nat Moore, Mark Duper and Jim Jensen were among those that flew to Grand Bahama Island for the trip.

“I’m so grateful to be here and be able to help,” Jensen said.

During the trip, they distributed fresh water, care packages and some much needed fun and games for the children in the community.

“After the first week or two, everybody goes back to normal,” Moore said. “Well, it’s not normal here in the Bahamas.”

“Everything is gone, but thank God I am alive,” a resident said.

“The Bahamas have never experienced– we never expected this to ever, ever [happen],” a second resident said. “We watched the water lift and lift.”

“Our house is damaged inside,” storm survivor Alexis Armbrister said.

It is a multi-faceted volunteer and relief effort. 7News cameras captured the former players and fellow volunteers walking down the street and going house to house in one of the harder hit areas of Freeport.

Shawn Wooden and his fellow former Dolphins grabbed bags of food and toiletries and took them to families.

Some 300 generators were given to those who have been without power for more than a month.

The tour continues with a visit to World Central Kitchen, where over 25,000 meals are made daily.

Team Rubicon is also in the Bahamas repairing homes, hospitals and schools.

“We’ve got people everywhere from Hawaii to New York,” a Team Rubicon volunteer said.

Rubicon’s volunteers are living in tents at the Freeport Rugby Club and are aided by people like Rob Kornahrens of Mission Resolve.

“We have been feeding them supplies,” Kornahrens said. “They know the local community. They’re getting it to the people that really need it.”

Kornahrens played rugby at the club in better times, and he has made it his mission to help now.

Louis Oliver had a knack big plays during his playing days with the Dolphins.

He remembered fans from the Bahamas who have always called the Dolphins their hometown team, and like the rest of these legends, he is giving back.

“Whatever you can do for the islands of the Bahamas, please do it,” Oliver said. “If they’re supporting us, why wouldn’t we support them?”

The Dolphins said that with food service and other needs, they have donated more than $250,000 to the Bahamas so far. Part of the reason the team is in Freeport along with the volunteers is to identify other needs because they said they want to continue helping going forward.

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