Miami Dolphins to host virtual NFL Draft party on Facebook

(WSVN) - In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, several organizations have had to adapt to societal changes while still remaining in operation.

Among them is the Miami Dolphins, which has announced that they are set to host a virtual 2020 NFL Draft party via social media.

The event will be presented by Bud Light Seltzer and will take place on April 23 in the Official Miami Dolphins Fans Group on Facebook.

Those that join the group will have access to “exclusive draft content, including interviews with draft picks, Q&As with current players and live video analysis from Dolphins analysts.”

“While we remain vigilant of the ongoing situation that continues to impact so many, we hope the Facebook virtual draft party will bring fans together to celebrate our new players and interact with the team from their own homes,” said Miami Dolphins Vice President of Marketing Laura Sandall. “We look forward to welcoming the draft picks to South Florida and introducing them to the community when it is safe to do so.”

For additional information on the 2020 NFL Draft party, visit their website.

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