Kaepernick defends pro-Castro comments after Dolphins game jeers

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was booed at the beginning of Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, days after he made controversial comments in defense of certain aspects of Fidel Castro’s regime.

The Dolphins defeated their West Coast foes 31-24, but the focus during the post-game press conference shifted to the white Malcolm X T-shirt Kaepernick was wearing, a reminder of another T-shirt he wore during a news conference in August showing a photo of the civil rights leader with Castro.


When asked whether he can understand the concern over the latter garment, Kaepernick said that the photograph captures “a historic moment for Malcolm. I’m not gonna cut out pieces of Malcolm’s life. In 1960, when they met in Harlem, that was a historic moment, and that’s something I will always be true to: what Malcolm was and what he represented.”

Sunday’s game took place less than 48 hours after Castro passed away at age 90. Kaepernick took the opportunity to clarify his remarks about the former president. “What I said was, I agree with the investment in education,” he said. “I also agree with the investment in universal health care, as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa.”

At the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, 49ers fans cheered the 29-year-old star player, who autographed sneakers and even took selfies.

He also defended displaying his admiration toward Malcolm X at this moment in the country’s history. When asked if there is a symbolism behind the T-shirt, he replied, “I’ve worn many Malcolm X shirts. He was a great man, and he lived the life that he talked about.”

At the end of Sunday’s game, Kaepernick got tackled at the two-yard line. Involved in that final play was Cuban-American Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso.

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