DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - Every South Florida sports fan knows the name Dan Marino, but not many know he has a son who is helping win national championships.

Joey Marino is a men’s head golf coach at Nova Southeastern University.

“Joey, how many times have you been asked, ‘Are you related to Dan Marino?’ or, ‘Is Dan Marino your dad?'” said 7News’ Mike Dipasquale.

“I mean, it probably seems like every day, right?” he said. “You say the last name, and they just kind of – first they ask if there’s any connection, and then, when you tell them yes, then you go into a whole story.”

The 34-year-old is the son of Dolphins legend Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. Joey has never been pressured by his dad to follow in his footsteps and play football.

“He never kind of pushed us in any particular direction,” he said. “It’s kind of do what you’re passionate about and, you know, I’ve played golf my whole life and kind of got into coaching here.”

Joey enters his sixth season as Nova’s head coach. His Sharks are the defending Division II national champions, and right now, they’re eighth in the country.

“There’s the expectation of seeing if we can we can do it again,” he said. “We’ve got a target on our back, probably a little bit with that. But no, I don’t think anyone’s taking any extra steps to beat us.”

Senior Mikey Hay is one of Joey’s top players. When Hay was first recruited, he had no idea who Joey’s dad was.

“It took me probably two months, and then I started telling people that, like who? Like the name of coach,” Hay said. “Um, and they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s related to Dan Marino,’ and I was like, ‘Yes, he might be, um, I don’t know.'”

It isn’t an all-factor when Dan takes part in celebrating the team’s success.

“It’s just a guy like, OK, he’s really good at what he did, but he’s just another guy at the end of the day, and he treats us as equals,” Hay said. “He doesn’t, you know, look down on just because we’re golfers in D2.”

During his NFL career, Dan was intense and fiery at times. During a golf match, Joey is pretty laid back.

“He gives, he gives the best part of him so we can give the best part of us,” Joseba Torres said.

“The success comes from the players,” Joey said. “I mean, you know, it’s all recruiting in this game. So, you know, staying on top of that and trying to get the best guys you can possibly get to come down here in South Florida.”

Next Sunday, the Sharks will be in the Sunshine State Conference tournament. Then it’s on to the D2 national championship tournament next month.

It’s the Sharks’ fourth trip overall to the national tourney.

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