Hurricanes coach Mark Richt apologizes for outburst during Orange Bowl

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt is apologizing after he lost his cool during the Orange Bowl game against Wisconsin at Hard Rock Stadium, Saturday.

Near the end of the first half, Richt thought his team was fouled, but the referee did not call a penalty. Richt began cursing and, at one point, grabbed an official by the arm.

A penalty was not called on Richt, and he was not ejected from the game.

When asked why he was so upset, Richt replied, “If you watch the tape, you’ll see.”

Wisconsin scored a touchdown on that possession. The Canes lost the game 34-24.

“I know I lost my cool — I thought rightfully so as far as being mad, but not rightfully so using some of the language I used,” Richt said after the game. “Not particularly proud of myself there. I apologize to anybody who can read lips.”

Richt also tweeted, Monday, “After seeing TV copy of our game, I want to apologize for my language and the putting of my hands on the official and my staff. I did not show the proper respect to the authorities of our game.”

Richt could be reprimanded at some point in the future.

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