Heat fans bewildered by Wade’s departure

MIAMI (WSVN) - With the news of former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade’s exit to Chicago, Heat fans expressed feelings of heartbreak, confusion and disappointment.

“We already lost LeBron, now we losing Wade,” said one Heat fan. “God help us, man. God help us.”

Fans that have followed Wade’s 13-year tenure with the Heat couldn’t believe the news that broke Wednesday night. “I don’t know why. I believe he should stay here,” said Wade fan Jojo. “He’s been here for many, many years. He’s supported us through all the good times and bad times. I believe that he should be with us, but his heart is elsewhere. I believe he has mixed feelings and thoughts right now, but I believe he should be down here in Miami.”

Wade once called the American Airlines Arena his house, but his new journey is still bringing a sting of pain. “I’m feeling a little hurt, you know? I’m feeling pretty sad,” said one fan.

A day later, the brokenhearted joined together to talk about the ordeal online and on the radio. “I appreciate everything Wade did, and I wish him the best. I really do,” said a sports radio caller.

Regardless of how long fans have been following the Heat, fans young and old said they feel burned.

When youngster Enzo Berrot asked if Wade’s departure bothered him, he said, “Yeah, it does. I really got mad when I heard it.”

At the iconic Cafe Versailles, no one was exactly crying into their cortaditos, but instead of the usual political talk, the topic of conversation turned to Wade.

“Miami Heat, we love Dwyane Wade,” said one cabbie at the restaurant.

Some fans, like Kierrah Hurd, understand why the three-time champion decided to leave Miami. “I think he made a good decision for himself,” said Hurd. “I think it was probably best for him and his family, but maybe not as best for the team. For himself, it was a good decision.”

Fans showed their appreciation on social media, giving thanks to Wade. Maria Rocha recorded a video that showed her encasing a Wade jersey as a memory of what he did for the team.

“We understand that the decision was hard,” Rocha said in the video. “But we know that it is in your best interest, and we want to thank you for everything, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Despite his departure, some fans will hold onto the memories Wade helped create in Miami and stay loyal to the superstar. “Of course, of course! I still got my first Finals ticket,” said Giovanie Uwanwich. “I’ll always be a Wade fan. It’ll still be Wade County for me, know what I mean? Bigger and better things will happen for us.”

It’s a bittersweet ending to an era, which brought dominant feelings of hurt and acceptance for fans across an area that was once affectionately referred to as Wade County.

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