(WSVN) - This group of players isn’t letting a disability get in the way of playing the sport they love.

The National Hockey League and teams like the Florida Panthers want to make sure everyone can enjoy the great game of hockey.

“Not to sound cliche, but a dream came true,” said sled hockey defenseman Daniel Robbins. “You get to actually live out being in an arena and imagine fans, even though it’s a scrimmage or it’s a practice, you just feel really like you’re an NHL player.”

What makes these players different from others is the fact that they have various disabilities.

In sled hockey, players aren’t skating but are, instead, using a sled on the ice.

From a seated position, they use their arms to power themselves and their hips to move side to side.

They use a shorter stick to shoot the puck.

“It makes me feel so free,” said sled hockey forward Brett Bolton. “I mean, like, always kind of feeling limited and behind my other peers in class and stuff. Going on the ice, it’s me and I just feel so free and it’s a really incredible experience.

Sled hockey is an event in the Paralympics.

Internationally, the United States men’s team is one of the best in the world.

They have won the gold medal in the last three winter games.

The U.S. women’s team is also among the best internationally.

“I played with the women’s national team for six seasons,” said sled hockey forward Karina Villegas. “When I started playing in 2014, one of my coaches told me, ‘Choose a player and watch the games and then watch where the player goes.'”

A practice session held in Sunrise was held to showcase the Panthers-sponsored team.

The players had a message to encourage those with disabilities to be part of the sport.

“We see it now as an important part of the community, offering something that people really need to experience and that’s what drives us to keep going,” said Robbins.

The co-ed team representing the Florida Panthers will play in the 11th Annual U.S.A. Hockey Sled Classic, sponsored by the NHL on November 18 through to the 21 in New Jersey.

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