Fans brace themselves for MLB All-Star red carpet parade

MIAMI (WSVN) - Despite the sun and summer weather, a few MLB fans came out in order to get front-row seats for the All-Star red carpet parade, Tuesday.

Drivers in downtown Miami can already see the effects of the upcoming parade as fans like 7-year-old Brady Keating are already out and ready to catch a glimpse of players like his favorite, Aaron Judge.

“I believe in him, and he won the Home Run Derby last night,” Brady said.

Brady and his family traveled from Illinois to attend the All-Star game.

However, locals like Bertha Crucet and her friends also came for the experience. “Well, this is Miami-style right? We do it big. This is the Magic City, so of course we have to roll out the red carpet really for the entire world to see,” Crucet said.

“I’m a baseball fan so waiting for it to be in my city, having the opportunity to be here,” said one fan. “I was raised and born in Puerto Rico, so when you talk about baseball, it’s what we felt inside of our hearts, so we’re very proud of the players that are on the team, and of course, as a Miami Marlins fan, I’m so excited that we’re hosting this year here in Miami.”

In addition to seeing all the All-Star players, fans will get a chance to get a glimpse of the World Series Championship trophy.

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