(WSVN) - Athletes from here in South Florida are making an impact around the world with their love of a unique sport. 7’s Craig Stevens shows us how their hard work is catching the attention of the Olympics in tonight’s special report “Fancy Footwork.”

The beach can be a great place to play volleyball, but this might be the ultimate beach sport. This is footvolley!

Rom and Guga grew up in Brazil, where the sport was born.

Rom Nobrega, Footvolley Miami: “People walk by and when they look, they stop and they say, ‘What’s that? It’s like volleyball with no hands. How does that work?'”

Guga Alencar, Footvolley Miami: “We’re in Florida, in Miami. We like to be on the beach all the time, so it’s a great sport to try.”

Footvolley is a combination of beach volleyball and soccer, and there are no hands allowed.

Rom Nobrega: “Use your feet, use your chest, use your head. Everything but hands.”

The goal isn’t to get the ball in the net. It has to go over the net, and how these athletes do that is what gets your attention.

Amanda started playing Footvolley two months ago.

Amanda Wallo, Footvolley Miami: “It’s contagious! The sport is so much fun.”

And it’s attracting fans from all around the world, and bringing them together right here on South Beach.

Amanda Wallo: “I have friends from Italy, Brazil. We had a guy from Japan, we had a guy from Egypt come, and it really, truly is an international sport.”

Footvolley really goes international next month, when it’s played at the Olympics for the first time.

Guga Alencar: “It’s a sport that we’re trying to grow. There’s a lot of people involved around the world, and we’re trying to get a little piece of attention.”

Footvolley isn’t an official Olympic sport, but Miami players hope this will kick the sport into the spotlight and show off their “Fancy Footwork” to the world.

Miami is hosting the Footvolley open Aug. 6 and 7 on Miami Beach. To learn more about Footvolley Miami, check out the links below.


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