Dwyane Wade offers tickets to fan who didn’t get to see him play in Cleveland

MIAMI (WSVN) - It looks like a big Dwyane Wade fan is about to have his dream come true.

Nick Houston tweeted a photo Tuesday night, showing him with a disappointed expression while holding a sign at the Cleveland Cavaliers game.

“Bought my ticket in November, drove 455 miles to see D-Wade play… Heat ticket?” his hand-drawn sign read.

The Flash fan lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and purchased the ticket so he could see his favorite player in person, only to see Wade get traded back to the Miami Heat before Tuesday’s game.

It didn’t take long for Wade to see the photo. Just minutes after Houston’s post, Wade responded.

“If someone can track this guy down, I’ll make sure he gets tickets to a game this season,” Wade wrote on Twitter, unknowingly quote-tweeting the very same fan he was looking to help.

Houston immediately replied to the Heat star, saying, “I am the guy with the sign! You have been my favorite player my whole life and I would LOVE to come watch you play! I’ll be wearing your Heat jersey and WoW shoes to the game!”

While nothing has been set in stone, it looks like we’ll see Houston at a Heat game in the near future!

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