Dolphins fans react to Tannehill’s knee injury

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami Dolphins fans greeted news of quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury during Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals with concern and a twinge of uncertainty about the team’s prospects.

Fans outside Hard Rock Stadium were still trying to grapple with the possible repercussions when they spoke with 7News. “I was just hoping it wasn’t a serious injury,” said Tracy Scott.

“We’re all with you, Tannehill. We’re praying for you, man,” said Edmond Atorresagasti.

But the day’s events sent shock waves well beyond the stadium’s walls. “Not good news,” said Cory Reiter, a customer at Flanigan’s Restaurant in North Miami.

Over at Shuckers Bar and Grill in North Bay Village, astonished diehard fans were still catching their collective breath. “It was an initial shock right here, hit me in the chest,” said David Perez. “I felt that pain as soon as I saw the hit.”

The severity of Tannehill’s injury has sparked rumors that his season has come to a screeching halt.

Its a distressing notion for fan Xavier Barriere, who has been riding the team’s roller coaster journey, has been waiting years for a potential playoffs run. “It’s been up and down. We get excited, they bring us down. Excited, back down,” he said. “Every year we have high hopes.”

Hope and optimism were what fans outside the Hard Rock Stadium chose to focus on as they walked out.

Some, like Jeff Stein, pointed out the team’s recent six-game winning streak. “We need this. I mean, it’s been a tough decade or so,” he said. “This is probably the best year we’ve had in, who knows, 12, 13 years.”

Fan Robert Zanzi believes, even with the prospect of Tannehill being sidelined, the team still has a shot at making the playoffs, but it is ultimately up to them. “The players have to show up and play. Last week, they didn’t show up,” he said. “If they play like they did the five previous weeks, then we have a chance. Hopefully they can pull through.”

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