A few years ago Donald De La Haye was kicked off the UCF football team after he refused to stop posting his YouTube videos but now, thanks to a former Miami Dolphin player, the kicker is taking the next step towards his NFL dream.

Back in 2017, De La Haye made national headlines when the kicker was deemed ineligible as an NCAA player because of the revenue he was bringing in for his popular and entertaining videos.

De La Haye, who goes by the nickname Deestroying, currently has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and has no regrets about his then business decision.

“At the end of the day I had to take care of myself and take care of my family,” he said. “I made a decision kind of out of love and not of passion.”

Now at 24 years old, De La Haye has proved time and time again on his YouTube channel that he has the skills to play at the next level.

When asked what’s the farthest he’s kicked the ball on record De La Haye replied, “75 yards, man, 75-yard field goal.”

Thanks to former UCF Knight and former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall and House of Athletes hosting their own combine for NFL prospects, De La Haye is getting his shot to fulfill his pro football dream.

“We don’t respect the kicker position enough,” said Marshall. “Deestroying, the UCF guy, I’m tired of seeing guys miss chip shots. I want to see Deestroying hit a 70 yarder and I also want to see this dude come out and just show them how consistent he can be.”

“I love football, I love my platform. I get to inspire many and show them never to give up,” said De La Haye. “If you have a dream, chase it until you can’t chase it no more.”

While most special teamers don’t do a bunch of drills at the NFL combines and pro days, Deestroying has something to prove.

“I’m just trying to represent all the kickers out there that don’t get no love, showing them that we’re athletes too,” he said. “I appreciate House of Athlete for giving the platform to be able to show what I can do, kind of legitimately and not just coming out of my camera. I’m just trying to show that I can do it at the very best level.”

Every time De La Haye missed a field goal he drops down and does push-ups.

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