Cosart: ‘I never have, never will bet on baseball’

Associated Press

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — Speaking directly about the topic for the first time since gambling-related tweets appeared on his Twitter account last week, Miami pitcher Jarred Cosart denied ever betting on baseball.

“I never have, never will bet on baseball,” Cosart said Wednesday.

Tweets that appeared on Cosart’s account discussed gambling advice received from a gambling expert. They did not appear to involve baseball bets.

Cosart briefly addressed the situation last week, stating he was cooperating with Major League Baseball’s investigation.

“Still following the MLB protocol. Hoping that everything gets done by opening day,” Cosart said.

MLB spokesman Michael Teevan said the investigation is ongoing.

Cosart deleted his Twitter account last week. Several accounts popped up afterward on the social media site claiming to be Cosart’s new account, but Cosart said last week he has nothing to do with those accounts.

MLB rules prohibit players and other employees from betting on baseball games. A player who bets on a game not involving his team faces a one-year suspension, and a player who bets on or against his own team faces a lifetime ban. The commissioner, at his discretion, can discipline a player for placing other types of bets with an illegal bookmaker.

In his final spring training start, Cosart allowed one hit and walked three in six scoreless innings in an 8-0 win over Washington on Wednesday. The Marlins said on Twitter after the game that Cosart will be their fifth starter, putting on on track to pitch against Tampa Bay on April 11.

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