Coaches wonder if pros outweigh the cons with access shows

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Coaches view distractions the same as injuries — the fewer the better. That’s why Atlantic Coast Conference coaches are cautious about doing an all-access television show such as Showtime’s “A Season With.”

Many don’t see the return on their investment as being worth it.

Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente says he would at least want to hear them paint the picture of what it was really going to be like before he says yes or no.

Many ACC coaches share Fuente’s view — they see the benefits, especially with recruiting, but wonder if those outweigh the potential distractions that could occur during four months of shooting.

Florida State has opened its doors for this year’s series. The first episode aired on Sept. 6, which was the day after the Seminoles’ season-opening win over Ole Miss and airs on Tuesdays through Nov. 29.

The series is similar to NFL Films’ “Hard Knocks: Training Camp” that airs on HBO during the preseason. North Carolina State coach Dave Doeren likes watching both to see how teams handle preseason practices. But when it comes to finding a strategic edge, especially with the Wolfpack hosting the Seminoles on Saturday, he didn’t expect to find one.

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