NORTH BAY VILLAGE, FLA. (WSVN) - Axe throwing has become a popular activity and nearly a year ago, 7Sports checked it out. In the midst of the pandemic, there’s now a new way to throw some axes.

Sometimes a story just comes to you.

The guys at 3 Axes Mobile pulled into the 7News parking lot in North Bay Village to set up shop.

After a quick set up, it was time to throw some axes.

“We can bring this out,” said Kyle Bender with 3 Axes Mobile. “We can get people moving, we can get them outside. We like the fact that we can keep it in a smaller, condensed area.”

Bender is a firefighter and is used to using an axe.

He and his two partners had the idea of bringing axe throwing outdoors to any open area while the coronavirus pandemic placed restrictions on some indoor activities.

“Seeing different designs, we looked it up and looked at regulations but it was definitely something that we wanted to put our own touch on,” said Nick Roccia with 3 Axes Mobile.

There are two nine-foot axe throwing lanes on the mobile unit.

Some other 7Sports members couldn’t resist trying to throw and stick it on the mark.

“Proper way to throw this all depends on the right foot, left foot,” said Bender. “The best ways are either right hand on top, left hand on bottom or you can go one hand over the other. You’re going to start your axe forward, pretty much telling your brain that’s exactly where we’re going to release the axe. As you come back, you’re going to come over the top of your head, lean back on your right foot and then when you come back and through forward, you’re going to lean your body forward, finish and follow through one step.”

Safety is a top priority for 3 Axes Mobile and even more so in the midst of the pandemic.

“We also have hand sanitizer in lieu of COVID,” said Nicco Grimm with 3 Axes Mobile. “One of the first things that we tell people are the safety rules and we teach them the proper throwing technique so that they can throw in a safe and sound manner but also while having fun.”


3 Axes Mobile

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