No one wants to receive a recall notice. Our first thought is oh no, what is this for? How much time will this take to repair? UGH!

But with the right information on hand, you can make this necessary evil an easy fix. Here’s how!

How To Resolve Your Toyota Recall:

Toyota recalls and campaigns are mailed to the last known owner of the affected vehicle to help keep you safe on the road. You may have noticed an increasing amount of recalls in the last few years. Whether the recalls are for food, toys, clothes, electronics, or cars, just about anything we can buy can be flagged for a recall at any point in time. Vehicle recalls can make some people uneasy to their stomach until the problem is resolved. If that is you then you should take great comfort in the information I am about to share.

Recall Vs. Campaign:

It is important to know that recalls and campaigns are not the same thing. If you have received a notification in the mail you should identify whether it’s a campaign or a recall notice. A recall is the official notice from your vehicles manufacturer that there COULD be something wrong. A campaign is more of a heads up that the recall may be coming soon. Campaigns raise awareness and give dealers the chance to hop on board and help resolve the recalls safe and smooth. The last known owner of the affected vehicle will be notified about recalls and campaigns

Remedy available or no remedy available for recalls:

If you receive a notification that your vehicle has an open recall I would encourage you to contact your local Toyota dealership for more information. Check your recall notification or ask your Toyota dealer if there is a remedy available for the recall.

Many times when manufacturers announce official recalls they do not have a remedy for them yet. We understand that you want to get your recall remedy as soon as possible and we want the same.

If there is a remedy available for your recall:

The first step to resolving the recall is to contact your local Toyota dealership or Toyota Service Center. To save yourself time I highly recommend you call the day before your appointment and verify that the dealership has the parts ready for your recall. Typically when remedies become available there is a large demand for repairs. When we are seeing such high volumes of vehicles sometimes communication can move slower than we can work. I am explaining this so you understand the importance of calling the day before to ensure the parts are still available.

Do you want the best service for your vehicle?

If you want to ensure the best service for your vehicle you should communicate effectively and work together with your mechanic. It is true; nobody knows your own car better than you. To help your mechanic learn more about your car you should leave it for the day when it is getting service or recalls remedied.

Every vehicle that enters my service drive goes through inspections when it arrives and after the service is complete. Even if your repair or recall is only two hours of labor it may take longer than that for your car to be ready. Your mechanic can usually do a better job when their customer is not in the waiting room watching the minutes tick by.

Kendall Toyota offers shuttle, bus, and sometimes loaner vehicle services. The shuttles can take you to work after dropping your car off at the service department. When your car is ready the shuttle can pick you up from work or another location and take you to pick up your vehicle.

Does your vehicle have any open recalls? Find out today by contacting Kendall Toyota for more information.

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