August 26th is nationally recognized as Women’s Equality Day in honor of the U.S. Constitution’s 19th amendment in 1920, commemorating women’s right to vote.

In honor of such an important date in history, El Dorado Furniture is celebrating Women’s Equality Day with an event that embraces the impact that women have in today’s world. The event will take place on Thursday, August 26th from 12:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m., in the parking lot of its headquarters located at 4200 NW 167th Street, Miami Gardens. El Dorado is known for its community involvement throughout the previous years and working with various partnerships with a common goal. The event will feature collaborations with local female-owned vendors to generate awareness of this special day, aiming to make a difference.

El Dorado recognized three of its very own empowered women for their outstanding career paths. The women selected to represent the company for this special honor were Mariam Farach (VP of Operations), Lilibeth Lopez (Distribution Center Operations Leader) and Andrea Marin (Merchandise Leader- Calle Ocho Showroom).

“Today, more than ever, women are being empowered to take on roles previously held by men. Women continue to broaden the path for others to follow their dreams without limitations of gender biases,” says Ali Espinosa, Director of Human Resources for El Dorado Furniture.

About El Dorado Furniture

In 1966, Manuel Capó and sons, Luis and Carlos, sailed towards freedom on a 24-foot makeshift boat named “El Dorado.” El Dorado Furniture is consistently ranked amongst the top 50 furniture businesses nationwide. More than fifty years later, the brand has expanded operations throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Lee, Collier and Pinellas Counties. El Dorado Furniture remains dedicated to offering exceptional home furnishings with an unaltered level of commitment.

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