Zombie Game

WSVN — If you want to battle zombies like Brad Pitt in the new movie “World War Z,” here’s your chance.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: “All right guys. We’ve had a zombie apocalypse and we need your help.”

Tony Slade a former cop and actor/producer, has transformed the basement of the Miami International Mall in Downtown into The Undercover Unit it’s a live action game where you can fight the living dead.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: “The story line is that a terrorist organization uploaded a video to a social network site. If you’ve opened the video, then you’ve turned into a zombie. Our customers are the people that were smart enough not to open the video. They’re tasked with going into the facility and saving a programmer who has the key to saving the world.”

Of course every action hero needs to look the part so you’ll suit up in combat gear. Even cooler, you get airsoft guns and grenades to blow up the zombies.

Player: “It was fun shooting the zombie. It self was pretty intense and throwing the grenades also.”

The whole production feels real with live actors playing zombies and different characters.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: “It is a fully interactive experience that allows you to live a video game.”

You’ll weave through a maze of dark and smoky hallways looking for survivors who can give you clues to saving the world.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: “You have a choose your adventure kind of thing. Guys we have two choices, we can help him or we can leave him.”

But of course your biggest concern will be dodging’ the dead.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: ‘The whole aspects of being chased, the end of the world, being the last survivors, it felt like that type of intensity.”

These zombies don’t bite but they can still get ya.

Tony Slade-The Undercover Unit: “If the zombies get two hands on you, you’ve died. But the good thing is you can save yourself just like a video game.”

Player: “We lost one of our team members, our guide, but we all survived, so that’s what’s important.”

Good luck and play it safe soldier, we don’t want you to become part of the undead.

You have to be at least 18 years old to play The Undercover Unit and you will need reservations. Ticket prices are $57.95.


The Undercover Unit

777 International Mall, 145 E. Flagler St., 3rd Fl., Downtown

(786) 221-0013