Yvonne McCalla

WSVN — Some people are beautiful on the outside. Some are beautiful on the inside. Yvonne McCalla was both.

Beverly Woolery, Sister of Yvonne McCalla: "She was the baby of the family, very perky, vibrant. She was always the life of the party. We all spoiled her, because we all loved her."

Everyone loved her except one person, who hated her horribly.

Beverly Woolery: "And I just, it was just a terrible, terrible, terrible night, which I will never forget."

It was six years ago, June 2004, when Yvonne left a Jehovah's Witness religious service and went home alone. When she didn't answer her phone later that night, her family became worried and called Miramar Police, who went to her fifth floor apartment.

Detective Danny Smith, Miramar Police: "Went inside, and unfortunately saw probably one of the more grisly scenes that these officers have ever seen in their lives."

It was a brutal killing. Police have a term for it: overkill.

Detective Danny Smith: "I know the term gets thrown around a lot. Overkill. But it's exactly what it is. When there is pent up anger and years of frustration between these people, that's when you get into the overkill."

Yvonne's family immediately thought of the one person who disliked Yvonne: her ex-husband, who Yvonne said harassed her so much she was afraid he would kill her.

Beverly Woolery: "Just maybe a week before, she was here at my house, and she said to me, 'You know, I probably won't be around much longer, because I've gotten so much threats from my ex-husband that you never can tell.'"

Miramar Police did their work and investigated her ex-husband.

Detective Danny Smith: "I can tell you that there have been suspects, and her ex-husband is the only one that we have been unable to eliminate as a suspect still to this day. He is still a suspect."

Patrick Fraser: "He is a suspect, but he has an very good alibi. Yvonne's ex was at a movie in Aventura with their daughter while she was being murdered. He did leave the theater for a few minutes to make a phone call. But to go to Miramar, murder, clean up and make it back is highly unlikely, leaving police still looking."

Detective Danny Smith: "When you put a case like this together, you literally have got a puzzle that has got a thousand pieces, and then you start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. When you get six years later and you don't have a complete puzzle, that's why we need help."

Police are searching for a killer. A family is still searching for someone to reveal an answer.

Beverly Woolery: "I would tell them that would be the most decent thing that they could ever do, the most humane thing, and we would forever be grateful to that person. And I know somebody, there's somebody out there that knows something that could help."

You may think your small bit of information about Yvonne McCalla is not important, but combine it with the other pieces of the puzzle Miramar Police have gathered and you may help solve a mystery.

Beverly Woolery: "Being the baby, we all looked after her, thought we could protect her, but apparently we couldn't. It has torn us apart."

Like her sister, Beverly is deeply religious and knows she will see her sister again in heaven. But before she passes on, she would love to see her sister's killer caught. If you have any information about Yvonne McCalla or someone who wanted to hurt her, please call Broward Crime Stoppers. A lot of people would appreciate it.

And if you have a loved one you feel has been forgotten, please give us a call, because many people are still Out for Justice.

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