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WSVN — Graduate student Aysha Klein admits she’s pretty good with money.

Alysha Klein: “I’m completely paying my own graduate degree right now without taking out any loans through scholarships, and using money I’ve saved over time.”

Alysha gives her parents credit for her money smarts but says some of her fellow students are always complaining about cash flow.

Alysha Klein: “Oh, I wish I would have saved more money for that or I wish I had money for that, and you’re missing out on things in life because you don’t have the money saved.”

Alysha is so good with money she is now the spokesperson for Young and Free Florida. An online program using young people to educate their peers about money.

Alysha Klein: “It’s teaching us how to budget our money, how to save for things we want to go to in our life, that we want to achieve in our life.”

Law student Samantha Yero enrolled in the program to help get her wallet back on track.

Samantha Yero: “Sometimes it’s a little difficult, especially when you’re an impulse buyer.”

With Alysha as her guide, Samantha is learning to turn away from those impulse buys.

Samantha Yero: “Following her blog is going to help me save for my future, and my future family. For helping me pay off my loans and other finances.”

The online site not only helps with banking advice but offers tips on buying a car and where to find things for free. And she loves finding great tips for the website.

Alysha Klein: “I really wanted to be the voice for that and help my friends and my generation learn about their finances, and learn about ways to save money.”

You can read Alysha’s blog or watch her videos on the Young and Free website.


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