Woodlin Dagobert

WSVN — Let's not beat around the bush, there are two kinds of murders in South Florida. Bad guys killing bad guys and bad guys killing good guys.

Detective Rick Sessions of Lauderhill Police: "It's an absolute shame that a kid who had a bright future, who was a hard worker and was well-liked had to have his life come to a tragic end like this."

Woodlin Dagobert was 19-years-old. One of the good guys, a great kid, a great son, a great loss for a loving family.

Roderick Dagobert: "Woodlin is a very intelligent guy, had respect for everybody, he respects his parents, he believes in going to school, going to work. He never had any trouble with nobody."

In February of this year, Woodlin was walking his girlfriend up the stairs to her apartment. Lauderhill detectives showed us what happened.

Detective Rick Sessions: "And as they're walking up to the staircase, as soon as they get up to the third floor, he basically just reached around. As she's coming up, he reaches over, grabs the door, opens it for her and steps back. She continues through the door, takes one step into the hallway, and that's when he's shot in the back of the head twice, and he just falls and collapses right here."

Witnesses standing in the hall heard the two shots and saw the girlfriend come running down the hallway. The cowardly gunman had been hiding here, between the third and forth floors.

Detective Rick Sessions: "It was definitely just a cold, cold hearted act, without a doubt."

After killing Woodlin, the gunman ran up the steps to the fourth floor, down the hallway and down another stairwell.

Detective Rick Sessions: "He was somebody who definitely knew the patterns of the victim and his girlfriend."

The killer knew the victim, but, so far, no one has identified the killer and, even though the murder happened just four months ago, the trail is getting cold, but Lauderhill detectives are not giving up.

Detective Rick Sessions: "I hope you guys know that we're doing everything we can."

But, when detective Sessions met with Woodlin's family this month, he made them a promise.

Detective Rick Sessions: "We're going to find out who did this, and we're going to make sure they get what's coming to them."

One thing that convinces detectives, information is being hidden by Woodlin's girlfriend.

Detective Rick Sessions: "We don't believe that anything that we've come up with so far will lead us to believe that the girlfriend, Akeesha Martin, is the actual murder suspect in this case. However, we definitely believe, through the case, through the interviews and through the physical evidence, that we believe that she knows more than we've been told so far."

But, until someone talks, there is not much to tell a sobbing family.

Roderick Dagobert: "Please, if you knew something, call the police because today it is mine, tomorrow probably your son, your lovely daughter, your lovely father, because the bad guys always try to do something bad."

And Detective Sessions has heard enough on the street to know the bad guy has talked.

Detective Rick Sessions: "We firmly believe somebody out there knows not only who killed Woodlin, but why Woodlin was killed."

The family wants that person to show some courage and make a call.

Detective Rick Sessions: "Don't be scared. Please help me to find this guy who has killed my son, my lovely son, call the detective."

Important to the family and important to Lauderhill detectives.

Detective Rick Sessions: "If this was your 19-year-old brother, your 19-year-old cousin, your 19-year-old uncle, and his life was taken away in a brutal, brutal execution for absolutely no reason whatsoever, you would want somebody to come forward, and that's the number one reason we're here today, is to hopefully bring some justice to Woodlin."

If you can help, If you have heard anything about the murder of Woodlin Dagobert in February. Call Broward Crime Stoppers anonymously or call and talk to Detective Sessions. Get that killer off the street.

And if you feel like your loved one has been forgotten, or if you want to remind the public of a case you are still working hard to solve, give us a call and remind everyone you are still out for justice.


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