WSVN — It’s a story of strength and perseverance. A woman, shot in the face, and living to tell the tale. Her message of hope, nothing short of inspiring. 7’s Rosh Lowe has it in tonight’s edition of the Lowedown.    

Evelin Matamoros: "This person tried to kill me. What about my family? What about my daughters?"

The scar is there. The emotional pain will never fade. But Evelin Matamoros is well aware she has been granted the everlasting gift of life. The chance to see her two daughters again.

Evelin Matamoros: "Don’t forget, kiss your daughters. Don’t forget to say how much you love your family because you never know if you are going to come back."

It is a gift she sees everyday. A gift she can feel when she hugs her children. After all, Evelin survived being shot in the face at close range.

Evelin Matamoros: "Everything was so fast. I just remember that I received a gun shot to my face. It was here and then the bullet came to my throat here."

It was Jan. 24, 2013. Evelin was going to get some food for her family in the area of Northwest 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue when she was attacked and robbed at gunpoint.

When you hear the story, you understand the magnitude of this miracle. Evelin had food in her arms, she is shot and all she could think about were her daughters.

Kamiah Lanier is locked up for this crime and is serving 30 years in prison.

Evelin has been through four surgeries. In Feb. of 2013, doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital showed the X-ray images of the bullet lodged inside of her neck.

And we heard from one of her daughters

Daughter: "I’m very grateful for her because she gave me life just like my dad did."

Doctors since removed the bullet…

Look at her three years ago, and look at her now. And think about how close the bullet and its fragments came to the main blood vessel of the neck.

Evelin thinks about that and offers this daily prayer.

Evelin Matamoros: "I just see my daughter and I say, ‘Wow, thank God for the opportunity to keep me enjoying it because it’s amazing.’"

So this is an opportunity for Evelin to give thanks because for weeks, Evelin was in the hospital.

The X-rays showing the shattered bones, but she never questioned why… and you can’t shatter her spirit.

She vowed if she made it out, she would inspire others to make them realize there is hope. And it begins in the gratitude of every moment.

Evelin Matamoros: "Everyday, I say, ‘Thank you God for giving me one more chance.’"

In Miami, Rosh Lowe, 7News.

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