WSVN — The holiday season is here and while most of the country is getting cooler, here in Miami. The heat is still on! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the winter spirit! Our makeover maestro has some tips to give your bedroom a cozy, cool feeling.

Martin Amado: "It’s nice to give your home a makeover for the holidays and what better place to start than your bedroom making it cozy and comfortable. On today’s ‘Room for Improvement’ we’re giving this space a more glamorous style to have it sparkle for the season."

Martin Amado: "We already have a beautiful upholstered headboard. Now, we need the bedding to complement it. When we think of cooler months, we think of warm sweaters, faux fur and these are exactly the elements that we’re adding to the bed."

Martin Amado: "Because the bed is a dark color in gray, I’m keeping most of the bedding white and then the accent color will be in the gray."

Martin Amado: "It’s a very sophisticated, glamorous color scheme."

Martin Amado: "These decorative pillows are the equivalent of euro shams and for a king size bed, you need three. So nice and soft."

Martin Amado: "Keeping in mind it doesn’t get that cold in South Florida, I chose a quilt instead of a heavy comforter and for my second layer, I’m using a down alternative duvet for that luxurious feel without the heat."

Martin Amado: "By having the white in between, we break up the patterns so it’s not as busy to the eye."

Martin Amado: "I said there would be more fur!"

Martin Amado: "Just like we have different trends in fashion for the seasons, we see them in home decor. Here we have a beautiful decorative pillow that reminds us of a cable knit sweater."

Martin Amado: "A gorgeous bench in white to contrast the bed."

Martin Amado: "We’re almost done with this bedroom makeover. However, look at the lighting. It just doesn’t say glamorous at all. Let’s change it."

Martin Amado: "Now, this is sparkle."

Martin Amado: "These crystal lamps tie in with the new chandelier."

Martin Amado: "And, the final touch, you guessed it! More fur!"

Martin Amado: "Now, the bedroom has a winter white look that I love and, of course, the pops of gray keep it nice and modern and the different textures, including the faux fur, make it cozy for the cooler months ahead. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado, for 7News."

Need a re-design to get into the holiday spirit? Request a consultation with Martin on our web site Click on ‘Room For Improvement.’ Also online check out Martin’s tip for giving rustic furniture a chic new look.


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