WSVN — Dragon Dictation will become an app addiction if you're tired of texting and e-mailing on those tiny little keys. Just say what you have to say and the voice recognition program lets you see your text or e-mail messages instantly.

You can even use it to send yourself notes like don't forget to buy wine, and there's an app to help with that too. Wine Snob helps you find and log favorite wines.

It's written by wine experts for wine snobs everywhere, and finally, an app to make that take out order easier.

Claudia Bernal: "You don't have to be on hold. You don't have to speak to someone and you never worry that they're going to get the order wrong."

Chipotle's ordering app lets you customize your meal. Include special instructions and save your favs it will even direct you to the nearest restaurant for quick pay and pick-up. Perfect for a big app-etite.


DRAGON DICTATION *also for Android and Blackberry

WINE SNOB *also for Android


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