WSVN — Looking for a room refresher, but not up for painting? In tonight's Room for Improvement, our makeover maestro is bringing wallpaper back for the save!

Martin Amado: "On today's 'Room for Improvement,' we're giving this wall a special treatment to make it a focal point in this space. No, we're not using paint. We're actually using wallpaper, which is a big design trend that we see in home decor. Let's get to work."

Martin Amado: "Here I am with Gerardo from D&L Wall Design. You have an amazing selection of wallpapers at your store. I chose this one because I love the texture, I love the metallic finish. It almost kind of looks like silver leaf. What do we need to know before we begin the installation?"

Gerardo, D&L Wall Design: "The first thing you need to know, the wall has to be in perfect condition. Any lumps, anything on the walls, just scrape it down or sand it down, every wall."

Martin: "So, it has to be completely smooth?"

Gerardo: "Yes, completely smooth."

Martin Amado: "So, the second step is kind of like a primer that basically adheres and secures the wallpaper even more to the wall, in addition to the actual glue you're using for the paper."

Martin Amado: "So, I know you have your team here making it happen, doing the primer first, and now we actually begin the cutting process."

Martin Amado: "So, the primer is already dry, and now we're applying the glue to the wallpaper."

Martin Amado: "You also need to leave…"

Gerardo: "Half an inch on the top, half an inch on the side, half an inch on the bottom. Always, because the walls are never straight."

Martin Amado: "And then we just cut off the excess."

Gerardo: "Yes. Got it!"

Martin Amado: "We're learning! Wallpaper 101!"

Martin Amado: "I love this effect. Wallpaper, back on trend, you gotta love it."

Gerardo: "Martin. it's done. So enjoy your new room."

Martin Amado: "Absolutely! Now, I have to get to work."

Martin Amado: "So we have a beautiful gray wall and gray floors. That means the furniture needs to be lighter so that we have contrast in the space."

Martin Amado: "I'm still keeping the color scheme very monochromatic, but I'm incorporating stripes with different fabrics to just give the sofa more visual interest."

Martin Amado: "This apartment I'm working in is on South Beach, so I thought some organic textures helps to bring a little bit of the tropical feel inside the house, too."

Martin Amado: "The final touch is to accessorize our ottomans being used as coffee tables. And we are done."

Martin Amado: "The wallpaper is so beautiful on its own, I didn't feel the need to hang artwork above the sofa. I hope you like it as much as I do. It really is the focal point of the entire space. Until next time, I'm Martin Amado for 7News."

Do you need some design inspiration? Give Martin a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME, or visit our website,, and click on Room for improvement'.


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Martin Amado

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