WSVN — Vivica a. Fox is making her mark on "Empire." The actress is guest starring as Candace. Tonight, she’s telling 7News all about her new role and why she loves it. 

One of our favorite foxy ladies, Vivica A. Fox, is spicing things up on FOX’s hit TV show "Empire." She plays opposite Taraj P. Henson’s character, Cookie. 

Vivica A. Fox: "’Empire’s season two, I play the character of Candace. I am Cookie’s older sister, who is very bougie and very, very different from Cookie."

Vivica gave us the juicy deets on her new character at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach.

Vivica A. Fox: "When you meet Candace, you see where Cookie gets all of her spitfire from."

Candace shows up just as some major drama goes down. The dynamic duo heads off to Philly to help their little sister. 

Vivica A. Fox: "Me and Cookie have to reconnect to go and find Carol."

Vivica says she got the role after appearing on "Celebrity Apprentice" where she won a cool $70,000 for Best Buddies. 

Vivica A. Fox: "Lee Daniels, the creator, saw me on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and after I had that epic boardroom showdown. He was like, ‘Baby, I’m going to figure out someway to get you on "Empire."’"

A few months later, Lee wrote her the role of Candace, and, before she knew it, she was standing face-to-face with Taraji.

Vivica A. Fox: "The first day of shooting on set on Empire was amazing because I’ve known Taraji for about 15 years, and we never got a chance to work together." 

The two actresses have electric chemistry on-screen because…  

Vivica A. Fox: "They’ve got history, and they know each other’s secrets, even though they are very different from each other, and they’re both powerful."

After a fabulous flurry of guest stars…

Vivica A. Fox: "They are now getting back into the main cast, and their story lines."

But Candace is still getting major face time– at least for a few more episodes. 

Vivica A. Fox: "It shows the difference and the dynamics of family life."

Even though the acting on "Empire" is amazing, Vivica is head-over-heels for the hot jams. 

Vivica A. Fox: "The music element on ‘Empire’ I think just totally amps the show up."

Not only is Vivica guest starring on "Empire," she’s also returning to the movie franchise that made her famous, "Independence Day," the long-awaited follow-up to the blockbuster, opens next summer.

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