WSVN — Grab your big hats and fascinators for high tea at Veronica's Dollhouse in South Miami.Carolina Pozo: "It's nice to stop time and go back to your childhood and walk into a giant dollhouse."This little gem is run by two sisters who loved playing dress up and throwing tea parties as children. Now they have their own life-size doll house for you to enjoy.Andrea Gonzalez – Owner, Veronica's Dollhouse: "We are so girly we just wanted a place where every other girl can experience something so feminine, and fun and a place to relax."From birthday parties to wedding showers, they will create the tea party of your dreams. Andrea Gonzalez – Owner, Veronica's Dollhouse: "We do a small tea for two, up to a giant bridal shower of 60, or a custom baby shower. We do theme designs so every time you come into the tea room, it's a completely different experience."Just like royals and aristocrats, hold out your pinky finger to sip different types of tea and eat dainty food. Veronica Gonzalez – Owner, Veronica's Dollhouse: "They get three types of tea sandwiches, they get fruit tarts, macaroons, meringues. They also get complimentary white wine."Sylvia Pozo: "I think high tea is wonderful because it's a moment where you actually slow down and you can enjoy each other's company."Every woman at the tea party is given a hat so they can really get into character. Sylvia Pozo: "I got to pick out my own hat and I love it. The moment you put on the hat, you sort of get transformed into that time."Carolina Pozo: "It's fun you get to dress up, and you eat great food."For those who love photo ops, and really who doesn't? There is even a bath tub filled with fake bubbles to dive into.  Emily Brais: "All the girls wanted to go in the bathtub. They played with the bubbles. You don't want to leave, you feel so girly and full of life."You can wander around the dollhouse's many rooms and shop for pretty things like french soaps and perfumes. Or spin around in beautiful couture gowns and it's definitely worth your time to sneak into Veronica's "attic" for vintage finds.  Veronica Gonzalez: "Brooches, necklaces, pins we have a lot of vintage dresses fans and even some old dolls."No matter your age, this tea house will fit you to a T. Veronica's Closet is tucked away in shopping plaza right near Sunset Place. You will need reservations for high tea and at least month's notice for a tea party.FOR INFORMATION:

Veronica's Dollhouse7212 Red RoadSouth Miami, Florida33143 Just South of the Shops at Sunset Place Monday – Saturday 11am-6:30pmSundays – By appointment or Tea Party (305)

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