By now you’ve probably seen or heard of the vaping trend, where smokers and non-smokers are toking on e-cigarettes often filled with flavored liquids. In tonight’s Style File, 7’s Belkys Nerey takes us to a new lounge made just for vaping.

WSVN — Look around and you’ll see South Florida is inhaling the vaping trend.

Erik Moreno-Customer: ”Vape as they say it. There’s a huge vapor culture in Miami.”

Instead of puffing on a cigarette, smokers who are trying to quit are turning to e-cigarettes and even non-smokers use it like a portable hookah.

There is no shortage of shops like Vapor Zone where you can sample and buy e-liquids with more flavors than an ice cream shop.

Nick Molina-CEO, Vapor Zone: “We’ve got 55 different flavors. You can mix up to three, creating over 30,000 different flavor combinations. We have a crazy Cuban, which is cuban cigar flavor mixed with banana. The godfather which is Amaretto mixed with bourbon.”

But another trend is emerging. Now there is an actual lounge in South Miami called MIA Vapor Plus where users can hang out and vape.

Victor Ynes-Customer: “It’s not like your average vape store. It’s more like you can relax, hang out with your friends.”

Just like any regular bar or club they play fun music and offer walls of TVs to catch a game.

Albert -Customer: “It’s like being in a nightclub in here.”

And similar to bars, they also offer a happy hour but on e-liquids.

Lisa Cabrera -MIA Vapor Plue: “Every day we have a happy hour from 6 to 8 p.m. We have a two-for-one special on all of our e-liquids.”

Aimee Porro-Customer: “My top flavors are the Amaretto and the mojito.”

Customers are also treated to complimentary drinks.

Lisa Cabrera -MIA Vapor Plus: “Everyone who walks through that door, if you’re of age, you’re offered a glass of wine, we also have sodas and water.”

And unlike most smoke-filled clubs, smokers and non-smokers say they can all get along in the vapor-filled lounge.

Aimee Porro-Customer: “My husband does not smoke at all, and he’s fine with it. It’s not like he’s coming to a club where everything around you is a cigarette.”

MIA Vapor Plus also hosts different theme nights like “Throwback Thursday” where you can pick your favorite music from your generation.


MIA Vapor Plus

5855 Bird Road

Miami FL 33155

(305) 662-4431


Vapor Zone

9473 South Dixie Hwy

Miami, Florida 33156

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