Valentine’s Day Apps

WSVN — Nothing says I love you quite like chocolate, and "Chocolate" by world media labs helps you make delicious decadent deserts to help get you in the mood for love.

A photo gallery of all things chocolate gives you mouth-watering inspiration recipes and video guides show you how surprise your sweetheart and make chocolate deserts to die for.

And if you really love someone, romance them with an original poem. "I write: Love Poems" will help you write poetry to make her sigh. Just follow the directions, and enter phrases that describe your feelings. The app structures it into love poetry. Guaranteed to make hearts go pitter-patter.

If you don't like to write take. a picture. "Valentine Photo Free" dds a little love to every shot. Take a photo or select one you already have, then drag and drop your favorite graphics from the the tool bar, save it or share it on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail to make your Valentine's Day appsolutely picture perfect.

Craig stevens: "I Write: Love Poems" is 99 cents. "Chocolate" and "Valentines Photos" are free."



i Write: Love Poems

Valentine Photo Free