Useful apps for hurricane season

(WSVN) — "Home Inventory" helps you inventory your valuables in case you lose everything in a storm.

Select your items, put in the information and take pictures before and after the storm. Up to nine photos for each item including receipts. If a strong storm hits, having your things itemized with pictures makes filing insurance claims a whole lot easier.

Of course, if you lose power, keeping that cell phone charged can be difficult. "Battery Pro Boost Magic" helps you boost and conserve battery power.

It even tells you exactly how much battery power you have for talking, browsing the internet and taking pictures or videos.

And finally, cellphones are our lifelines to family and friends during and after a storm.

"Group Me" lets you reach out to everyone all at once. You just create a group with the people already listed in your contacts. Then, share text messages and pictures with everyone

at the same time.

Your loved ones will app-reciate your efforts to keep in touch.

"Battery Pro Boost Magic" is 99 cents, "Group Me" is free and so is "Home Inventory Lite", though a more powerful version is available for $4.99.


Home Inventory Lite

Home Inventory

Battery Pro Boost Magic

Group Me