(CNN) — Does your pup love peanut butter? A job opening that pays $100 an hour might be the opportunity for them.

Natural pet wellness company Honest Paws is seeking canine ambassadors to represent its own peanut butter product, according to a news release.

The job: to promote the brand’s peanut butter at various dog-friendly venues like dog parks and pet stores, the release stated.

What they’re looking for: dogs with big personalities and a passion for all-natural doggy treats; drooling is allowed, the company says.

Part of the gig involves the dogs working as treat testers at live events.

The unique job description lists other desired qualities as must-haves, such as “bark-tastic social skills,” “a love for other dogs and humans as big as your love for zoomies,” and a human to join them at events and help with tricky tasks – like opening the peanut butter jar, for instance.

Your dog’s ability to keep cool when a squirrel scurries by is a definite plus, according to the company.

While the hourly pay might not appeal to your pet, they may enjoy some of the other “doggy benefits,” including frequent belly rubs and an endless supply of Honest Paws’ peanut butter, the release stated.

Dogs can enjoy peanut butter regularly, but experts advise avoiding peanut butter that contains xylitol, a sugar-free substitute that is highly toxic for pets, according to the National Peanut Board.

Honest Paws says its peanut butter pouches do not contain the ingredient, according to its website.

Snacking on peanut butter in moderation boosts dogs’ nutrition with protein, healthy fats, niacin and vitamins B and E, according to the American Kennel Club. It warns against high sodium.

Applications for the canine ambassador role are open until September 1, according to Honest Paws.

The company is accepting applications for dogs of all breeds, the release stated.

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