Young boys help wheelchair-bound man shovel snow

MILWAUKEE (WSVN) — A Wisconsin father has a lot to be proud of, after his two sons asked to help a man in a wheelchair shoveling snow.

Daniel Medina shared the photo on Facebook, showing his two sons scraping snow off a sidewalk. Medina said they were driving when the boys spotted the handicapped man trying to shovel by himself.

“My two sons, aged 10 and 6, asked me to pull over,” Medina said.

The boys hopped out of the car and quickly got to work helping the man shovel.

“He was telling us he had his leg amputated recently,” Medina told WTMJ in Milwaukee. “That’s why he was in a wheelchair.”

Medina’s Facebook post said it was a “proud dad moment.” The picture quickly blew up on social media, garnering thousands of shares and likes.

“It just felt really great, especially seeing all the responses on Facebook,” Medina said. “I let the kids read [the comments] this morning, they were so excited.”

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