You may have a check for $100 in your mail, and it’s not a scam

(WSVN) - Hundreds of dollars from an advertising company are going unclaimed because people think it’s fake.

Valpak is sending out checks for $100 along with their coupon envelopes to random recipients, and they say the checks are 100 percent real with no strings attached.

According to a press release from the company, the checks will be randomly placed in specially-marked Valpak envelopes every month in 2018 in all 150 Valpak markets in the United States.

The checks will also be made out to CASH, and none of your information will be collected by cashing them.

The checks are meant to reward Valpak consumers for using the coupons they send out each month.

Valpak has been giving away $100 checks since 1998 in select markets. However, this is the first time the checks are being given out in all 150 markets across the country.

In one area in Michigan, only 8 checks were cashed out of the 36 that were sent out in 2017, Fox 17 reports.

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