Writer who predicted end of the world backtracks claim

(WSVN) - The Christian numerologist who predicted a planet would collide with Earth on Saturday has walked back his alarming claim.

David Meade said the world won’t end on Sept. 23 after all. Instead, he said, Saturday will mark the beginning of a series of catastrophic events to occur over several weeks.

“The world is not ending, but the world as we know it is ending,” Meade said in an interview with The Washington Post. “A major part of the world will not be the same the beginning of October.”

Meade had earlier said New Testament verses in Luke 21:25 to 26 indicate that recent events like the solar eclipse and Hurricane Harvey are signs of the apocalypse. He also based his prediction on numerical codes found in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Revelation.

The significant number is 33, according to Meade. “Jesus lived for 33 years. The name Elohim, which is the name of God for the Jews, was mentioned 33 times [in the Bible],” he said. “I’m talking astronomy. I’m talking the Bible … and merging the two.”

Sept. 23 is also 33 days since the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

Meade has also built his theory on “Planet X,” which is also known as Nibiru. He believes the celestial body will pass Earth on Sept. 23, causing volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes.

NASA has repeatedly said Planet X does not exist.

Meade’s prediction has been dismissed by people of faith, including Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.

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