Woman searches for owner of plush toy lost during Irma

(WSVN) - An Alabama woman is on a mission to reunite a stuffed toy with its owner after it was found along an interstate frequented by Floridians fleeing Irma.

Martha Durant said she found the furry friend, named Eeyore, on the eastbound I-10 ramp in Mobile, Tuesday. She said that traffic was had been congested all day as Irma evacuees tried to return home.

“He’s actually quite big,” she said. “That day and the day before, Mobile was gridlocked on the interstate and in the city. People going home, bumper to bumper. Very, very slowly.”

Durant had driven past Eeyore once but picked him up when she saw him along the ramp a second time.

Since rescuing the stuffed donkey, Durant has created a Facebook group dedicated to returning him to his family.

The page has been updated with photos of Eeyore “eating” apples, resting in bed and looking out from a window toward the place he was found.

Durant hopes the posts will bring Eeyore one step closer to finding his long-lost friend.

“Please, please share and ask your friends to share so he can find his way home,” she posted on Facebook.

To help Eeyore reunite with his family, click here.

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