Woman helps homeless man who stood on same street corner for 3 years

WEBSTER, TX (WSVN) — Residents in the Houston area had seen the man for years, always at the same intersection. He wasn’t begging for money or food, but whenever anyone noticed him, he was always in the same spot.

Ginger Sprouse said she saw the man at least four times a day for the past three years.

“It really began to concern me and then I talked to a lot of people in the community and a lot of people wondered what was the deal,” Ginger told KHOU-TV.

Finally, she pulled up to him one day in December, rolling down the window to ask him why he was always there.

He told her his name was Victer Hubbard. Homeless and suffering from mental health issues, he said that corner was the last place he saw his mother, and he was waiting for her to return.

“If you have ever heard the term ‘falling through the cracks,’ he is the definition,” Sprouse wrote.

She began visiting him daily, and decided to start a Facebook page called “This is Victor” to bring awareness to Hubbard’s plight.

“I drive by Victor’s corner at least 4 times a day,” she wrote on the page. “I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing ‘someone needs to do something about that guy.’ So, I will be the organizer and I hope that we as a community can be ‘someone’ together.”

Slowly, the page garnered more and more fans, reaching nearly 30,000 people across the country. Together, they raised over $27,000 with a GoFundMe page, money that went to getting Victor mental health services, food, shelter, and clothing.

Sprouse took it one step further. As the owner of a business that offers cooking classes, she decided to hire Hubbard to work in her company kitchen.

“She came around and she kind of saved me,” Victor told KHOU. “She helped me. It’s like grace.”

Since getting medical care and employment, Sprouse said Hubbard has been able to reconnect with family, including the mother he waited for on the corner for so many years.

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