Woman accidentally picks up rattlesnake, thinking it’s a dog toy

CALABASAS, Calif. (WSVN) — Home security footage captured a scary situation for a woman in California, showing her picking up what she thought was a dog toy. Instead, she ended up with a small rattlesnake in her hand.

Carla Rosso was on her home’s patio at night, playing with her German Shepherd, when she bent down to pick up her dog’s rope toy. Only when it started moving in her hand did she realize it was a snake.

The video shows Carla freaking out and running across the patio. Her husband Ariel posted the security camera footage on YouTube, where it quickly got hundreds of thousands of views.

“If you are going to pick your dog’s toy in the dark, make sure it’s not a live rattlesnake!” Ariel wrote in the video’s caption. “Thankfully my wife Carla was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!”

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