Wisconsin teen develops door-locking mechanism to help stop active shooters

SOMERSET, Wis. (WSVN) — A Wisconsin teenager has built a device that could save dozens of lives if an active shooter targets his school.

Called the Justinkase, the device is placed at the bottom of the door and locks it in place. The device wraps around the door jams, preventing the door from being opened, even if there is immense pressure being applied.

The device gets its name from creator Justin Rivard, who came up with the idea during an active shooter drill in school.

“The main problem was all these kids in a building who have nothing but a door to keep them safe,” Rivard said. “This is the thing that can save thousands of lives if it’s used properly.”

Rivard made the device in his Metals class. During his summer off in 2017, Rivard built enough devices for every classroom and conference room in his high school.

Rivard has also begun selling the device for $95.

“What kind of insurance are you gonna get for a student’s life? This is the insurance right here,” he said.

The high school senior is now in the process of building 50 more Justinkase devices for a nearby middle school. The school district has also ordered 100 devices.

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