WATCH: Dozens of baby sea turtles hatch, make way to ocean

(WSVN) - ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WSVN) — Dozens of sea turtles broke through sand on a South Carolina beach Tuesday, heading straight for the Atlantic Ocean.

One woman and her family were able to capture the baby turtles’ journey to the ocean during their vacation. The sand was beginning to cave in just before the turtles broke through the surface, Kelly Futrell said to Fox 13.

Futrell caught the turtles escaping the sand one by one, then suddenly around 75 sea turtles began their journey.

The video shows the hatchlings making their way to the water’s edge, some with a little help from what appeared to be volunteers wearing gloves.

The family who captured this event said on the second and third night of their vacation, more hatchlings broke through the sand and made their way to the ocean.

“What an experience, once in a lifetime for sure,” said Futrell.

Sea turtle nesting season runs from March to October. Many states, including Florida, have special lighting ordinances prohibiting lights on the beach to ensure the turtles head toward the ocean instead of the road.

Depending on the species, sea turtles are either threatened or endangered, and are all considered protected.

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