Videos show 2017 solar eclipse shadow cross the United States

(WSVN) - Fascinating videos released by NASA and NOAA show the shadow from Monday’s total eclipse crossing the United States.

NOAA’s newest weather satellite, GOES-16, looked down at the earth to track the moon’s shadow. The satellite’s Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) even captured the shadow moving through an area of severe weather in the midwest, showing frequent lightning both from cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground.

Meanwhile, NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (or EPIC) aboard NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite captured this view from a million miles out in space.

“EPIC photographs the full sunlit side of Earth every day, giving it a unique view of total solar eclipses,” NOAA’s website says.

Millions across the country donned protective glasses or used telescopes to witness the first total solar eclipse to cross the country in nearly 100 years.

The next total solar eclipse in the U.S. will be in 2024, while the next coast-to-coast total solar eclipse will happen in 2045, with Florida in the path of totality.

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