Video shows toddler in car seat falling out of moving car in Minnesota

MANKATO, Minn. (WSVN) — Dash camera video captured the shocking moment when a toddler strapped in a car seat fell out of a moving car in Minnesota.

According to Fox 9, Chad Cheddar Mock was driving around a street curve when the toddler fell out of a car right in front of him.

Mock ran to the child’s aid, but the car continued to drive away with its left side passenger door still open.

Emergency crews checked out the child and determined the fall had not caused any injuries.

“If it didn’t happen in front of me, I’d never have believed it,” Mock wrote on Facebook.

Police eventually responded, and the child’s mother also returned to the scene. Detectives said she was the one driving at the time.

Investigators said the child was properly strapped to the seat, but the seat wasn’t buckled in.

Authorities said they are requesting charges of child endangerment and child restraint system not fastened.

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