Video shows officer punching teen girl in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WSVN) — Police in Pennsylvania are investigating after a police officer was recorded repeatedly punching a teenage girl as cops tried to break up a large fight Monday.

Fox 29 in Philadelphia reports that as many as 30 people began to brawl in the street Monday afternoon. Several cops responded to the scene. That’s when a witness began recording the melee on his cell phone, posting the video to Facebook.

The video showed a female police officer confronting a teenage girl, who started to shove the officer and grab at her arms. The video briefly panned away from the scene, but quickly moved back to show the officer throwing the girl to the ground. The cop then straddled the teen and repeatedly punched her.

Watch the video below (warning: strong language):

A police department spokesman said the teenager allegedly admitted to slapping the officer in the face, hard enough to knock her glasses off, which was not shown in the video. The officer has been put on administrative duty pending an internal investigation.

Philadelphia Police released a statement, saying, “A female officer began to give several verbal commands and push her back away from the scene. She continued to argue with the officer as she continued to move her back. The defendant indicated that she slapped the officer’s hands away from her and told the officer to get off of her. Both the defendant and the officer stated that the defendant struck the officer in the face, knocking her glasses off of the officer’s face, breaking them. At that time, the officer began to struggle with the defendant and grabbed her by the hair, taking her to the ground. Both the officer and the defendant indicated that they both threw punches, striking each other while on the ground.”

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