Video shows FedEx driver folding homeowner’s U.S. flag after high winds took down flagpole

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WSVN) — A FedEx driver in Maryland is getting recognition for taking the time to properly fold a U.S. flag after high winds knocked down a flagpole outside a home.

Gail Cook’s home security camera captured the thoughtful act, showing the driver stop his truck outside of the house when he spotted the downed flagpole.

The driver, identified as former U.S. Marine Mike King, initially tried to raise the pole himself, but when he realized it wouldn’t work, he detached both the U.S. flag and Cook’s Baltimore Ravens flag.

King can then be seen folding the U.S. flag properly, leaving both flags on the home’s front porch for safekeeping.

Cook saw the video and posted it to Facebook, where it soon garnered enough shares that King saw it as well.

“It’s the Marine way, would have done better justice for Lady glory if the wind wasn’t gusting at 50,” King replied in the comments. “I couldn’t just drive by and do nothing.”

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