VIDEO: Big rig collides, drags car for miles on California highway

(WSVN) - A dramatic video captured a destroyed car being dragged by a semi truck for several miles on a California freeway.

Fox 11 reports that Brian Steimke spotted the strange scene and shot the video while driving on I-15 in southern California Wednesday afternoon.

“You’re dragging the car,” Steimke can be heard saying on camera. “They don’t know what’s going on here. Look at that. That’s on the freeway going up to Cajon Pass.”

As he records the video, he catches a glimpse of the driver of the car, stuck helplessly inside his wrecked vehicle as it was being dragged.

Steimke said many drivers tried to get the attention of the truck driver by honking and waving to no avail. Eventually a car got in front of the semi to get it to stop. That’s when Steimke confronted the truck driver.

“Why were you driving so far? The guy is underneath your car!” Steimke says in the video.

According to Fox 11, the California Highway Patrol said it was not being investigated as a criminal incident.

(Video courtesy: Brian Steimke/Fox 11)

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