Veteran reunited with dog he befriended in Afghanistan

PHOENIX, Ariz. (WSVN) — After months of separation and anticipation, a United States veteran has been reunited with a dog he befriended while serving in Afghanistan.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, Sean Marsicane first met Apollo when the pooch showed up on a campground where the U.S. Marine was working with Afghan soldiers. Apollo was malnourished and at risk of being put down, so Marsicane rushed to Apollo’s rescue.

However, after returning to the States in December, Marsicane had to organize a trip for his four-legged companion to come home behind him.

The organization Puppy Rescue Mission helped the former Marine raise the $5,000 needed to bring Apollo home. The pup made the trip three months later, taking a series of flights to Phoenix, Arizona.

“He had a flight from Afghanistan all the way to Turkey, then from Turkey from DC, and then from DC to here,” Marsicane said. “So he had a long, long travel period. It’s amazing to have him back home.”

Marsicane said that while Apollo was shy when he first arrived, he has since made himself at home.

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