Vandals spray-paint apology after vandalizing Indiana church

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WSVN) — A group of vandals who broke into a church in Indiana left behind a spray-painted apology when they realized the building they were in was a place of worship.

According to Fox 59, the vandals covered every single wall in the Woodside Community Church with swear words.

“They painted everything in here and as you can see, some not so nice words that they put up,” said Pastor Mark Petty.

The downstairs of the building was also covered in fire extinguisher foam.

However, upon realizing what they did, the group appeared to feel a bit of remorse and left behind the message “Sorry, just realized this wuz a church,” all in orange spray-paint.

“My thing is maybe they really are sorry that they did it,” Petty told Fox 59. “You do not see too many people say ‘sorry we just realized this was a church.’”

Petty said nothing in the building was taken.

“They did not steal a thing. I have computers and a 54-inch tv in there,” said Pastor Petty.

Petty said that he and his congregation are now praying for the those responsible.

“God loves you. He really does and we love you too. We are going to forgive you and we are going to move on and paint it, but do not do it again,” he said. “At the end of it, we stood around in a circle and we prayed for the people that did it because it makes me sad to think about what is going on in their heart.”

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