UPS looking to hire 40,000 seasonal positions today

(WSVN) - Are you looking for a job for the holidays? UPS is looking to hire tens of thousands of people for the holidays.

The package delivery company is holding huge hiring blitz Friday to hire 40,000 seasonal workers in just one day, part of their broader push to hire 100,000 seasonal employees overall.

The company is holding multiple job fairs Friday in cities across the nation, in an event the company calls “Brown Friday.”

However, for those unable to attend one of the hiring events, applications are also being accepted online according to Fox Business,

Seasonal hires may also be kept on as full-time employees. The company said one-third of its workforce were once seasonal workers.

The company’s goal of hiring 100,000 seasonal positions is a five percent increase over last year.

To apply for a job at UPS, click here.

UPS isn’t the only company hiring for the holidays. FedEx and the United States Postal Service are also hiring for the holidays.

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