Underdogs win over fans at wiener dog race

(WSVN) - It was a “hot dog” of a race at the 22nd Wiener Nationals.

About 10,000 people showed up to watch Dachshunds competing for the title of “Fastest Wiener in the West” at California’s Los Alamitos race course Saturday.

And don’t let their short little legs fool you – some wiener dogs pack serious speed.

Ninety pups competed in the 50-yard final, but only one could become “top dog.”

Baby Bo, once considered the runt of his litter, won the title with a near-record time of roughly seven seconds.

But another dog named “Lady Bug” stole the show, and some hearts.

The pup was surrendered to a shelter three years ago because she couldn’t walk. Now, thanks to owner Deanna O’Neil, who works at an animal rehabilitation center, Lady Bug is recovering from partial paralysis.

“We did intensive rehab, acupuncture, underwater treadmill, and over the course of a two-month period, she started to push up on her own and take steps on her own,” O’Niel said. “And then over a year she started being able to walk on her own and she still does rehab today. And she can walk, run, play, chase balls and I thought – you know what – she can run in the Wiener Nationals.”

It took Lady Bug a bit longer to cross the finish line, but O’Neil says she’s prouder than ever.

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